A Better Tomorrow™ through science and innovation

We have a clear purpose to build A Better Tomorrow™ by reducing the health impact of our business.

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Carbon-neutral Vuse is making waves

Thames voyage celebrates Vuse becoming first global carbon neutral vape brand - and highlights environmental ambition.


Quarterly Science Updates

Packed with videos, infographics, and articles, these updates showcase the world-class science that is helping us build A Better Tomorrow™.
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Btomorrow Ventures: driving our transformation

Our corporate venture arm is on a mission to access world-class ideas, offerings, capabilities and talent.


Building A Better Tomorrow™. Responsibly.

Watch as our Chief Marketing Officer, Kingsley Wheaton discusses BAT’s transformation journey.


Accelerating our sustainability progress

Q&A with Jennie Galbraith, our Group Head of Environment, Social and Governance, discussing the step-change in BAT’s sustainability ambitions.


Study shows glo THPs reduced risk potential

New evidence shows completely switching to glo has similar impact on indicators of potential harm as quitting smoking.

Focus on innovation

How science and innovation are building A Better Tomorrow™



Using science to increase understanding

World-class science

Science and innovation are at the heart of our transformational journey as we continue to build A Better Tomorrow™ by reducing the health impact of our business. Hear from our Director of Scientific Research, Dr David O’Reilly

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Sustainability spotlight

Our moves to a more sustainable future will be catalysed by our people, culture and ethos


What ESG means to BAT

ESG at BAT means building A Better Tomorrow™ not just for us, but for all our stakeholders.


Our strategic approach to sustainability

Front and centre of everything we do.


Protecting human rights

Respecting and recognising fundamental freedoms.

Our progress and reports

Follow the growing momentum of our transformation in our suite of reports


Annual reporting

View our latest Annual Report as a PDF download, and access previous years reports.


Sustainability reporting

Our ESG Report outlines how we are putting sustainability front and centre of our business.


Science & Innovation Report

This Science & Innovation Report showcases our latest scientific research into New Category products.

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