2022 Genesis GV80 Review


The 2022 Genesis GV80 is a latecomer to the midsize luxury SUV world, having only been introduced for the 2021 model year. Despite the delay, Hyundai’s luxury brand has hit the mark with the GV80.

The 2022 GV80 offers a long lineup of standard features, including a 14.5-inch touchscreen, heated front seats, satellite radio, and synthetic leather seating surfaces.

Certain trim levels offer an available third row of seating, though these are best used for kids (or adults you don’t like very much). Powering the GV80 is a smooth 300-horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder or optional 375-horsepower turbo V6. Both engines are impressive and come paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is optional in lieu of rear-wheel drive with the turbo 4-cylinder and is standard on the turbo V6.

Thanks to its head-turning exterior and elegantly appointed cabin, the GV80 feels right at home against strong rivals, including the BMW X5, Audi Q7, and Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. In fact, it took our top trophy in its class, winning the Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award for 2021 among midsize luxury SUVs in its inaugural year.

2022 Genesis GV80 Pricing

We expect the 2022 Genesis GV80 to have a starting price of just under $50,000. That gets you the standard turbo 4-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive. Adding AWD will cost approximately $5,000 extra.

The optional turbo V6 with standard AWD starts around $60,000, with the range-topping Advanced+ trim fitted with this powertrain hovering around $70,000. This happens to be the only trim with the available power-folding third-row seats.

2022 Genesis GV80 Consumer Reviews

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08/27/2021 | 2021 Genesis GV80


Style! Performance! Value!


Buying a lux car at an economy dealership :(

I recently traded in my 2019 G80 for Genesis new GV80 SUV. Having been a Genesis customer I knew that the initial quality would be excellent and I have not been disappointed! The GV80 concept suv that was introduced a few years back caught my eye and I have been watching to see what the actual production vehicle would look like. Its a as true to the concept as could possibly have been manufactured and it is EYE CATCHING! Not a day goes by that I dont have someone stare at the car and ask me about it. So, the exterior sets it apart from the pack of luxury SUVs in a way that is stately and elegant. It just reeks of luxury and style from every angle. The interior is drop dead gorgeous! I chose the dune and aquamarine color scheme which is just pure perfection. The GV80 has some truly unique color combos that just kill the competition on sheer style alone. The dash controls and beautiful wood is sublime and the level of quality is unbelievably high. Technology has a learning curve, but having had a G80 I was at a slight advantage. A week into the car someone with a basic knowledge of tech should know how to operate it. The 21 speaker Lexicon is OUTSTANDING with crisp clean sound and deep base notes that will have you lingering in the parking lot long after youve arrived to your destination!! The safety features are too numerous to mention and give this SUV high marks for safety. As one admirer told me, Thats the car that saved Tiger Woods life! and indeed it did! I got the 3.5 twin turbo engine which is powerful and responsive. I personally test drove the base model and found the engine to be underpowered. Id stick with the 3.5. The 3rd row is there but not big enough to truly fit adults. Cargo space is excellent. Im not sure how they will tweak this model for 2022 but honestly I feel they hit a homerun with the 2021 GV80. Genesis is known as a value priced luxury brand and indeed this vehicle with a sticker of 67K (3.5T Advance+) would be tens of thousands of dollars higher if it came with a German hood ornament. As you can tell, Im sold! Cons? none for the vehicle but Genesis NEEDS to have their own dealership network. Purchasing a car of this price and quality should not be left to Hyundai sales staff who are trained and experienced to sell economy cars. The experience has to be elevated to attract the luxury buyer who is more used to being offered a glass of champagne and chair massages while buying a car than a cold cup of coffee in a Styrofoam cup. That being said, Genesis would like their buyers to never step foot in a dealership. The notion of a car being taken to your home to test drive and a complete online sales experience seems obvious in 2021 but until they get the right buyers to fully commit to this buying option, they will undoubtedly lose buyers to Benz and BMW which is a real shame since the Genesis GV80 can stand toe-to-toe with the everyone of its pricey competitors. I highly recommend this SUV and cant wait to see how this brand will grow in the coming years. LOVE my GV80!

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04/12/2021 | 2021 Genesis GV80


Bad dealerships not professional enough

Yes good value, not perfect or Like the German competition.Have to see how it does as time goes on. Genesis Dealer not good and not used to dealing with high value cars. Poor negotiations, no follow up, sales room was Dismal. I personally wont go back to them for another car. Need to learn from Lexus Dealership.

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01/15/2021 | 2021 Genesis GV80

Excellent first impressions


Not much. Driver assist lags on curves.

After three weeks, I have been nothing but impressed with the GV80 3.5t Prestige. Style, comfort, and power are top-notch. The quality of the interior is unbelievable. The adaptive cruise control is excellent. I thought it would overreach to cars merging into my lane but it is smooth to adjust to the speed of the merging car. If the car is moving even a little faster, the system doesnt adjust my speed. Acceleration and power are perfect for me. A bit less than the middle engines of the German models but everything I want at a great price. If you want more, I recommend a sports car, not a SUV. Great space in front and back seats. The infotainment system took a week or so to fully understand. Now that everything is set for my profile, I rarely touch it. The active noise cancelling and 21 Lexicon audio system is amazing. Its like you are at the concert with no crowd (road) noise. The one small negative is the driver assist system being slow to turn into a curve. I tended to start the turn entering the curve, the system waits until the car has fully entered the curve before it responds. I am eager to see if the AI system learns from my driving behavior and adjusts. The system works great when the freeway is reasonably straight. It will let me ride for up to 10 minutes without indicating I need to put my hands on the wheel. If you are looking to buy a great luxury SUV for yourself and not impress others with the badge, this is the one.

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01/10/2021 | 2021 Genesis GV80

I like so much this car, in my Goals, & dreams ca.


There excellent driving comfort

I was so much waiting for this in Indian market.

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11/26/2020 | 2021 Genesis GV80


Lots of tech, fast, fun


Small glove compartment, worthless seat massage

Surprisingly fast 3.5 Turbo Car feels like a tank Super quiet Very luxurious I have no clue how to use all the tech, but the main reason I bought the car is for the advanced tech

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