What Split Rock Does for You!

We create a custom portfolio that aligns your goals and risk tolerance in the most cost-effective manner.

We work with both employers and employees to make sure your 401k, Simple IRA, SEP IRA and/or 403b is affordable, efficient, and properly invested.

Let’s create a plan that will get you from your working years to your retirement years and beyond.

We can help reduce your taxes today and in the future! Take control of your tax situation.

Our Process: Split Rock Private Trading & Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that manages investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. We work directly with clients on a conflict-free, fee-only basis. We are held to a Fiduciary Standard as an RIA and giving the right advice is the heartbeat of our firm. We have no ties to any Broker-Dealers, Insurance/Annuity Companies or Banks. No one pays us but you and we serve no other interest but those of our clients.

With over 120 years of combined service, we have always followed the philosophy that if we can take care of the downside, the upside always takes care of itself. The one thing that we know for sure is the stock market rarely acts rational and we take tremendous pride in preparing for the certainty of uncertainty. The less you lose, the easier it is to make up those losses.

Our Beliefs:

  • Buy and Hope is not a healthy investment strategy
  • One size does not fit all – each portfolio should be created for each client’s risk tolerance, goals and objectives
  • Cost is important – as an independent firm we have no ties to Corporate America and use the lowest cost investments available
  • Buy high, sell low…repeat until broke! It is our job to make sure our clients don’t make the wrong decision at the wrong time. When emotions run high, mistakes can often happen.
  • As a Fiduciary we are required to act in our client’s best interest. Giving the right advice is the heartbeat of our firm.

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