Chinese New Year Dates from 2022 to 2043


Chinese New Year date is different every year. Generally speaking, it distributes between January 21st and February 22nd. Chinese Lunar Calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar, so the New Year dates on the two calendars are different, but, how can the Chinese New Year date itself has a so wide range?

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, there are big years and small years. In big years, there can be up to 384 days, but in small years, there can be only 355 days. During the big years, the Chinese New Year date moves to late February, but during the small years, it goes back to late January. That is the reason why the date has a range of 32 days.

The Lunar Calendar has been running for over 4000 years. After some successive big years, there must be several small years or vice versa, so the New Year date can never go out of the range.

Below is a list of Chinese New Year dates from 2020 to 2043. We will update the list every February.

Year Date Chinese Zodiac Chinese New Year Holiday
2020 January 25th (Saturday) Rat January 24th-30th
2021 February 12th (Friday) Ox February 11th-17th
2022 February 1st (Tuesday) Tiger January 31st to February 6th
2023 January 22nd (Sunday) Rabbit January 21st-27th
2024 February 10th (Saturday) Dragon February 9th-15th
2025 January 29th (Wednesday) Snake January 28th to February 3rd
2026 February 17th (Tuesday) Horse February 16th-22nd
2027 February 6th (Saturday) Goat February 5th-11th
2028 January 26th (Wednesday) Monkey January 25th-31st
2029 February 13th (Tuesday) Rooster February 12th-18th
2030 February 3rd (Sunday) Dog February 2nd-8th
2031 January 23rd (Thursday) Pig January 22nd-28th
2032 February 11th (Wednesday) Rat February 10th-16th
2033 January 31st (Monday) Ox January 30th to February 5th
2034 February 19th (Sunday) Tiger February 18th-24th
2035 February 8th (Thursday) Rabbit February 7th-13th
2036 January 28th (Monday) Dragon January 27th to February 2nd
2037 February 15th (Sunday) Snake February 14th-20th
2038 February 4th (Thursday) Horse February 3rd-9th
2039 January 24th (Monday) Goat January 23rd-29th
2040 February 12th (Sunday) Monkey February 11th-17th
2041 February 1st (Friday) Rooster January 31st to February 6th
2042 January 22nd (Wednesday) Dog January 21st-27th
2043 February 10th (Tuesday) Pig February 9th-15th

Feel free to ask us more questions about the Chinese New Year Date.

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