Risky Life, the most awaited album of 2021, is finally released by the new school’s leader and youth’s speaker.

Holy Ten, also known as Mukudzei Chitsama, has finally released his Risky Life album. The most eagerly anticipated album of 2021. Since his explosive performance with Ndaremerwa in 2020, Holy Ten has been on the rise. Ndaremerwa understood people’s concerns and the need for human rights to be treated by fiat.

Holy Ten didn’t quit after that; they just kept driving. After each, more hit records are strewn about. The numbers that the rapper racked upon each release cemented his position in the industry.

Risky Life began as a freestyle and evolved into the title of his third studio album. Appetite, featuring Anita Jaxson, the self-proclaimed Queen of Zimdancehall, and Ma Chills, is one of the lead singles on the album.


Later, he posted a tracklist that included a surprise artist. The surprise kit was then unveiled after Dhadza D, a veteran of Zimdancehall, uploaded a preview for Time. However, one song from his tracklist, Winners featuring Poptain, is omitted from the mix.

Dhadza D has been in the industry for a long time and is still relevant. He only appeared on one Hip Hop hit, Chakaipa with MMT. The chanter has been adopted by the Hip Hop culture.

Furthermore, during his tour in the Republic of South Africa, Holy Ten previewed some of the songs live on Facebook, piqued fans’ interest in what they might expect. We now have the opportunity to participate in and see greatness.

The album Risky Life is now available on iTunes: https://music.apple.com/zw/album/risky-life/1563517050


  • 01 – Musazvituma
  • 02 – Sahwira
  • 03 – Time (feat. Dhadza D)
  • 04 – Miss Please
  • 05 – Taura Zvino kunetsa
  • 06 – Hanging Nevasikana
  • 07 – Pandichamuka
  • 08 – Ma Chills
  • 09 – Youngest Achiever
  • 10 – Combi Inonanga Mfombi
  • 11 – Wakatuka Amai
  • 12 – Appetite (feat. Anita Jaxson)

Download: Holy Ten – Risky Life Full Album

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