BatteriesNotIncluded confirm PN17... I dont know how AAX can ever be saved. It is cheaper to set up a new airline than to pay down the debt.

20/05/2021 11:14 PM

brian3381 Not pn17. It is bankrap

20/05/2021 11:17 PM

BatteriesNotIncluded Need another Poker player to buy the PP

20/05/2021 11:32 PM

Jeffreyteck Already said long time ago, extremely poor management. Good time cant make good profit, dont dream in the bad time. Extremely poor restructuring plan and slow too. Lastly, stock code itself given hint not easy to survive and become rich. No double AA, as indicated by X.
Anyway, trading play opportunity exist if chief traders want to trade. Also get ready $ for rescue plan.

21/05/2021 8:20 AM

newbie1111 even if got top level management also this business no hope, even before covid during the travel boom time. there are no long haul budget airline business model that works.

21/05/2021 9:05 AM

Start_0f_the_bull Congratulations to those still holding. RM1.66 negative NTA share price can still hold at 6.5c.

21/05/2021 9:52 AM

PN17 Public bank target price for AAX only 1 cent

21/05/2021 12:01 PM

Start_0f_the_bull So what? For 7c a piece thats the maximum they can lose so will rather hold it until Pn17 or bankruptcy. That is the reason TP 1c wont work.

21/05/2021 5:39 PM

limitupmeh oh no, im hear soon PN17. PBB already know TP 0.01 ?hold or CL ?

21/05/2021 9:43 AM

calvintaneng Poor thing

Public Invest people downgraded AAX to only 1 sen?

I think sad but inevitable as AAX got horrendous debt

What should you do now?

Can do this

Sell AAX and keep Cash

Or if want go buy Netx (Netx at least debt free cash rich will not go bankrupt

Final decision is yours

Dont want Netx?

Then there is Talam, Azrb or TDM

22/05/2021 11:07 PM

Skywalker00 Now is the chance to sell and buy another ‘dangerous ‘ stock. This stock salt fish Dee.

23/05/2021 5:08 AM

Supermax2020 5bil loss due to asset impairment… time to run guys!

23/05/2021 9:43 AM

Supermax2020 Unless there is takeover or M&A with other airlines or bailout by government, this company will never survive until end of covid….

23/05/2021 11:59 AM

Parksonguy 5bil loss better declare bankruptcy easier.

23/05/2021 3:08 PM

Parksonguy Buy share is to invest with info gotten. If the company loss profit 5billions but still buy its call gamble already. So, you are invertor or YBB?

23/05/2021 7:32 PM

ocpd AAX is the definition of zombie, dead but still walking.

26/05/2021 3:37 AM

goldenluck16 Even in good times, AAX also making losses. Why still want to buy this hyper loss making company.

26/05/2021 8:12 AM

Principal just sell aax company to the chosen one with RM1.00

27/05/2021 6:05 PM

Infiltrader US, China and several countries are going through Covid recovery phase. Wont be long before the world succeed in our fight against Covid. Prepare for post pandemic boom.

31/05/2021 12:36 PM

IvanC ikan bilis call sell, share price confirm up

31/05/2021 1:23 PM


01/06/2021 8:28 PM


02/06/2021 9:33 AM

hisaishi who cares company
losses or not, buy 065 sell 085.. haha

03/06/2021 4:44 PM

Alice7591 After consolidate, 10 shares to 1 share, but what will be the price per share ?

05/06/2021 11:06 AM

Will76 SYDNEY (June 9): AirAsia Group Bhd has grounded around 90% of its fleet of more than 200 planes across Asia due to a resurgence of Covid-19 outbreaks, an executive of its Malaysian unit said today.

Malaysia, its largest market with 105 planes, is currently under a lockdown.

AirAsia expects demand to start to rebound from August, allowing it to restore service to all 17 of the domestic airports it serves by October, group chief operating officer (COO) Javed Anwar Malik said at a CAPA - Centre for Aviation event today.

A full return to pre-Covid demand levels across Asia is not expected until around the third quarter of 2022 (3Q22), he said.

AirAsia last month reported its seventh consecutive quarterly loss and said it was continuing efforts to secure more liquidity.

Passengers carried in the quarter ended March 31 totalled 976,968, a 90% drop from a year ago.

09/06/2021 10:55 PM


11/06/2021 8:35 AM

Monkeyboo Aax gonna rise to 10sen~ Buy in now

15/06/2021 1:44 AM

Monkeyboo Uptrend now. 9sen still worth to buy

15/06/2021 4:59 PM

jamishoot @moonfeel 8.35am ... ini cerita lama

15/06/2021 7:50 AM

Up trend up trend.

17/06/2021 8:37 PM

Aurora13 Haha very interesting, a company nearing bankrupt share price is rather steady... Glove earning big but price drop evday bursa bet

25/06/2021 9:05 PM

Jeffreyteck Special award for a company with negative nta (same with aa) but strongly supported by investors. Salute founder tony.

14/07/2021 9:13 AM

Michael R. tony is a great business orator... can convince even the bank to draw money

15/07/2021 9:22 PM

PN17 19-July-2021
AirAsia X (Underperform, TP: RM0.01): Hearing to set aside enforcement of court judgment obtained by BOC Aviation fixed for 27 Oct. The High Court has fixed 27 Oct for the hearing of AirAsia X and AAX Leasing Ltds application to set aside the foreign judgement obtained by its creditor BOC Aviation Ltd in the UK against the airlines to pay USD23.37m (RM96.84m) that is enforced in the Malaysian courts here. (The Edge)

19/07/2021 11:17 AM


26/07/2021 5:04 PM

paperplane Laugh? Ya.continue laughing

26/07/2021 8:32 PM

UlarSawa Many dunno why Hypo Aliibaba Scenery behave like what he did in the forum. The true answer compiled by Ular after ular gathered all the evidences from I3 forummers and their Posts including Hypo Alibaba Scenery and his many ID posts. Hope all can understand sikit and kesian
the Hypo lah. he wanted to be financially free by betting conman ctr like lambo when many said was a conman ctr b4 he promoted it and wanted fast way like Focus share price movement when shark goreng the ctr and gain financially freedom that he once missed Focus bcos he sold too early. he try very hard to promote lambo still unable to achieve financiall freedom. Thats why he is very sad angry and critical to anyone pijak his ekor and he will retaliate and call them conman without valid reasons. The common thing he use like karma and curse others in the forum that when others not agree with him one. Thats why until now he only ada enemies and no friend in the forum. His habit like to stab his friends all can see from Lambo and many other forum he visited one. Correct? Yes. True Compilation story about Hypo Aliibaba Scenery.

Posted by UlarSawa > Jul 16, 2021 2:50 PM | Report Abuse X

Solid proof Hypo Aliibaba Scenery conned newbies by promoting Conman Ctr and Cutwin 500% as he said openly in many forum in I3. Ular only came here in december lah. Hypo Alibaba Scenery penipu cum fitnah king creating so many stories to show he is saint man after conned many newbies and cutwin 500%. Confirmed Yes He is conman artist.

Posted by scenery > Jan 11, 2021 11:00 PM | Report Abuse

The best time for goreng penny stock was the time buahciko aka dragonslayer now is Ularsawa n luckyzaii27 kept hantamn n messing up Lambo forum n deleted ppls post until nobody can posts. Such despicable character being is your good friend, how you expect others to take you as a good person, same kind will only flock together.

After Amin banned him sometime in July, price went up due to our promotion in August up to 8 cts. Soon big correction on these stocks pulled down the price quickly due to further ESOS n PP.

That period of time was the most precious n can make a lot of money was destroyed by him. Without him making chaos Lambo would have gone up long b4 correction, n a lot of opportunity that can make many folds would not be missed. I would have been able to achieve target n enjoy money freedom from then on.

Posted by UlarSawa > Jul 16, 2021 2:50 PM | Report Abuse X

He like to fitnah cursing complaining catch conman in the I3 bcos he cannot become financially freedom from lambo the ctr he taught will be like Focus he missed the chance to be millionaire. Then he promoted lambo to be one that sumilar to Focus lah. It only move so little only from 1 sen to 8sen lah. He only cutwin 500% only but still very poor lah. Thats why he angry like crybaby lah. Everyday also playing broken record fitnah and cursing ppl spoilt his plan lah. Correct?

Posted by Elitetrader > Jul 16, 2021 2:38 PM | Report Abuse

I have a feeling that Scenery lost a lot of money here

6443 posts
Posted by UlarSawa > Jul 16, 2021 2:52 PM | Report Abuse X

Scenery wrote:
Aug 5, 2020 10:08 AM | Report Abuse
dont be silly lah, 4.5 cts is still very low. focus qr red can go to 1.60, why not Lambo? We are figuring on the future of a growing company not gambling here.

Currently the pandemic is still raging and online marketing certainly has a good future. Otherwise Scenery wont be stuck here for so long. Scenery is brilliant!!!

841 posts
Posted by Elitetrader > Jul 16, 2021 3:11 PM | Report Abuse

Sounds logical

26/07/2021 11:06 PM

bullmarket1628 Yes, backdoor PM will resign on Monday !
So, the new government will bring new
hope and new confident to all the local & foreign
investors enter into our market !

So, I think started from tommorrow, KLSE will have a big
uptrend toward 1,800 to 2,000 pts !

AAX tommorrow will spike to above 0.10 and
T.p by end of Aug 2021=> break above 0.20
T.p by end of Dec 2021=> break above 0.50
T.p by end of Mar 2022=> break above RM1.00
T.p by end of Jun 2022=> break above RM2.00

15/08/2021 4:58 PM

bullmarket1628 首相宣布1】首阶复苏区 11经济活动明起复工


首相丹斯里慕尤丁发文告指出,由于意识到经济领域迟迟不开放将影响私人界及员工生计,因此政府同意从 8 月 16 日(周一)开始,让11项经济活动重新复工。

1. 洗车店
2. 电器和电子商店
3. 存放家居用品和厨具
4. 家具店
5. 运动器材专卖店
6. 汽车配件店
7. 汽车配送销售中心
8. 仅限早市和农贸市场
9. 服装、时装和配饰店
10. 珠宝店
11. 理发店和美容中心/沙龙(基本理发服务只要)

不过,他指出,有关宣布仅落实在成人疫苗接种率达50%的州属,而想要享有这些方便的人也必须得完成两剂疫苗的注射。期间,他就以巴生谷为例指出, 该区18岁以上的接种率已经达到64.7%, 因此可以获准重启11项经济活动。


“我再次提醒,完全接种的意思是注射第二剂双剂型疫苗后的 14 天,而单剂疫苗则是 28 天后才算完成。”



15/08/2021 5:00 PM

bullmarket1628 Superb, almost all the economy is re-open for start business started from tommorrow, Monday, 16-8-2021 !
KLSE really will started booming tommorrow onwards !

Huat ah, Heng ah, Ong ah !

15/08/2021 5:01 PM

26/08/2021 3:12 PM

FaridIsland Bullmarket...steady lah u pun ada sini...

26/08/2021 3:23 PM

Slumberjer 15 cent can reach ah?

28/08/2021 8:45 PM

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