FINRA enforcing regulation on entities to report short, they even established online system that everybody should report to.

Last Updated with data @ 11 feb 2021 (with data for 10th feb)

At bottom is FINRAs remarks regarding inconsistencies of data, etc, etc. finally, they tell us that daily is not actual data, and a lot of data not reported publicly, blah blah blah.

Data source*:*

NOTE! The data bring numbers that are completely out of space! I assume there also options, futures, swaps included (dont take it for granted!) and, phantom shares as well !

DATA INCLUDES ALL TRADING FACILITIES ! NYTRF, NQTRF and NCTRF! (Some trade may be reported twice to finra, some may not be reported at all!).

NOTE 2! Please take the data with a grain of salt, i have tried to calculate data that been already monthly reported and it does not align in any way with day-by-day calculated data!

NQ-TRF - NASDAQ/FINRA trade reporting facility

NY-TRF - NYSE/FINRA trade reporting facility

NC-TRF - idk... seem something related to chicago ? OTC ? o.O

FINRA reports comes daily and monthly (twice a month), while everybody waiting for todays (9 feb short interest report), lets examine daily short interest in above mentioned stocks on ALL markets/platforms reported to FINRA.

Reported ONLY short position, not their coverages, not longs! Although we know how many shorts publicly opened, we dont know how many repurchased. previously wrote it as covered, my apologizes, exempt from SSR!

First, AMC February (01 feb to 08 feb incl.) (if you are interested only in totals, scroll to bottom of the table)

Date Open Exempt (of SSR)
02-01-2021 76,933,491 986,909
02-02-2021 120,244,517 5,744,009
02-03-2021 61,535,474 3,918,022
02-04-2021 44,880,962 2,248,578
02-05-2021 59,444,755 2,116,603
02-08-2021 39,970,406 1,810,126
02-09-2021 20,727,999 1,536,449
02-10-2021 24,840,204 1,327,153
TOTAL MONTH TO DATE(MTD) 448,680,808 19,687,849

Shares outstanding 441.1M (as most recent found)


GME Open Short Interest

Date Open Exempt (of SSR)
02-01-2021 6,982,444 364,890
02-02-2021 16,358,136 1,073,011
02-03-2021 9,638,240 532,939
02-04-2021 14,272,780 869,183
02-05-2021 19,063,724 1,106,467
02-08-2021 6,404,809 82,425
02-09-2021 6,516,142 277,522
02-10-2021 6,587,323 241,069
TOTAL MONTH TO DATE(MTD) 85,823,598 4,547,506

Shares outstanding 65.2M


UPDATE#1: Added 1st Feb.

UPDATE#2: Added note 2 on top that the data does not align monthly to day-by-day calculated.

However, all the noise the everybody covered appear to be pure farse! I will show you some data, dont take the numbers for granted, just see the percentile relationship when media reported most is covered. Lets go!

January coverage from day by day FINRA reports!


Reported having 44M short.

Day-by-day 01-01-2021 to 01-15-2021

-> Shorts open 137,917,129 (baseline)

-> Exempt (of SSR) 710,127 (baseline)

Day by day 01-19-2021 to 01-29-2021

-> Shorts open 636,140,238 (almost X5 from previous period!)

-> Exempt (of SSR) 20,370,068 (significant portion, probably came from equity conversions)

TOTAL January:

Shorts opened -> 774,057,367

Exempt (of SSR) -> 21,080,195



Reported 61.78M short.

Day by day 01-01-2021 to 01-15-2021

-> Shorts open 84,529,878 (baseline)

-> Exempt (of SSR) 1,119,003 (baseline)

Day by day 01-19-2021 to 01-29-2021

-> Shorts open 155,033,361 (almost doubled)

-> Exempt (of SSR) 3,437,532 (tripled)

TOTAL January:

Short opened -> 239,563,239

Exempt (of SSR) -> 4,556,535


Lets compare the magnitude of shorts (assume the percentile change!)


AMC January to February (Month To Date (6 trading days!))

Month Open Exempt (of SSR)
January 774,057,367 21,080,195
February 448,680,808 19,687,849

GME January to February (Month To Date)

Month Open Exempt (of SSR)
January 239,563,239 4,556,535
February 85,823,598 4,547,506

In relative comparison of volumes short, we see that AMC being heavily attacked, how this would reflect in short positions held - i guess, well have to wait and see...


The numbers reported are very skewed. There is unknown whether FULL short interest reported in ALL available instruments or shares only, which is transaction close(coverage), but the numbers are sky high!

As well, January numbers does not align to what various sources reported on Jan 15, including FINRA themselves! Either i am wrong, or somebody lies, maybe even tricks FINRA by misreporting... well, why not, if all you get is at most couple millions fine, but you profit tens billions. Something stinky and shady, definitely!

Please dont take all those numbers for granted, yes they come out of FINRA official reports, but we dont know whether they are still right, wrong, or skewed, we dont really know to read those numbers as well... for example AMC is not traded on nasdaq, but NQTRF reports some numbers for it for some reason, etc. DATA DEFINITELY MIGHT BE SKEWED, EVEN HEAVILY SKEWED !

No thanks needed. Nobody is covered! Who is not covered, i am not responsible.

Not a financial advice, just an aggregated publicly available data. ;)


Second, as noted above, the data is published separately by FINRA for each FINRA trade reporting facility and by each exchange, and is not consolidated. Thus, to obtain a complete picture of short sale volume to total volume in a particular listed stock, market participants must combine data published by FINRA for each of its trade reporting facilities, as well as data published by the exchanges.6


First, as noted above, the data in the Short Sale Files includes only trades that are publicly disseminated and excludes trades that are not publicly disseminated. As a result, some offsetting buying activity related to reported short selling would not be reflected in the Daily File and may result in the appearance of a higher concentration of short sale to total volume.


Finally, short sale volume data does not—and is not intended to—equate to reported bi-monthly short interest information. FINRA rules require firms to report, on a per security basis, the total quantity of shares held as short positions in all customer and proprietary firm accounts twice a month.


Some market participants mistakenly conclude that the bi-monthly short interest data is understated because the Daily File reflects short sale volume that is much larger than what is reported as short interest. However, short interest data reflects short positions held by market participants at a specific moment in time on two discrete days each month, while the Daily File reflects the aggregate volume of trades executed as short sales on each trade date. Therefore, while the two data sets are related (i.e., short sale volume may ultimately result in a reportable short interest position), they are not necessarily correlated.

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