a © THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson Ottawa Public Health reported 11 new COVID-19 cases and no deaths related to the virus on Thursday.

Quebec is reporting 579 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday and no additional deaths related to the virus.

Sundays infection number ends a three-day run of over 600 new daily cases for the province.

Public health data shows that of the 579 new cases, 416 of the infections are reported in people who are unvaccinated or are less than two weeks removed from their first dose.

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Hospitalizations declined by five to 126, while the number of people in intensive care dropped by two to 36.

Health Minister Christian Dubé said on Twitter that the province had reported only 122 cases of COVID-19 on this day last year.

Situation au 27 août 2020 (2e vague) vs 27 août 2021 (4e vague):

2e vague : 122 cas, 112 hospits

4e vague : 579 cas, 126 hospits

Le Delta est si contagieux qu’il en résulte en 5x+ de cas pendant que le vaccin permet une stabilité relative dans les hospits. C’est encourageant! https://t.co/IGUd7wzSPw

— Christian Dubé (@cdube_sante) August 29, 2021

However, the hospital numbers are much closer -- 126 today compared to 112 last year -- which Dubé said is a sign that vaccines are successful in helping people avoid severe illness.

The province also added 30,682 vaccine doses to its total, including 23,655 second doses.

Health authorities say the risk of infection is more than eight times higher for people who are not vaccinated while the risk of hospitalization is up to 22 times higher.

--with files from the Canadian Press

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