• H


    $180 is still the objective

  • f


    How does giving out housing for free help?

  • G


    CANADIAN POLITICS -- As with many jurisdictions Canada is dealing with a housing affordability crisis. STRs have been identified as a driving force of the crisis. In the Canadian election politicians are vowing to rein-in STRs to negate their negative impact on the housing sector. Canada is not the only jurisdiction wrestling with this colossal problem.

  • c


    Fund led by PayPal, Airbnb backer Kevin Hartz targets $250

  • M


    Are we in the non-profit category? What is the financial impact on free stays?

  • T


  • D


    Cmon, lets break 160 today, I want to see @grant lose his mind.

  • n


    BC was smart to do the PR announcement of free housing. But the real message in today’s note was booking numbers are back up to pre pandemic and with vaccine authorization this will only get better. Also he pointed That more ppl r seeking unique houses to rent which have much more margins. With Labor Day travels coming Abnb is stock to ride.

  • S


    fantastic initiative by Airbnb to provide shelter for Afghan refugees. very impressed with the company.

  • W


    Will get back to $250; even with a snowflake lockdown. my birthday party will not include masks

  • C


    Invest in companies you think will generate future returns and sell them when that changes. Airbnb will make more money in the future than today.

  • r


    Wooow making such a great PR and business initiative... good for Airbnb

  • M


    in one month we are at 200.. 😎

  • W


    Places booked everywhere. Rates raised. Still booked weeks and months out. Delta strain is peaking. Soon, so will Airbnb profits.

    Explosion time.

  • J


    company is losing a ton of money, but sales are growing and accelerating. added this to my portfolio as long term position. this will reach $500 in the next 3 years. ABNB is an absolute disrupter in the travel industry. hotels are growing sales at a 6 to 8 percent pace per year ABNB is more than tripling that!!! yes valuation is rich but warranted.

  • A


    Cant wait to buy in at 140!

  • B


    I am raising target from $200 to $250 with strong buy call !!

  • A


    There is no doubt that this will be a $300-$400.00 some day soon…

  • G


  • M


    Abnb will be over $1,000 dollars one day.It will probably be over $2,000 actually.

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