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Covid-19 response


The crisis caused by Covid-19 has put a halt to activity in schools around the world, but education cannot afford to wait. This explains why ProFuturo has made our educational content available to teachers, students and institutions free of charge since the beginning of the pandemic.

Our challenge

We want to narrow the education gap in the world by providing quality digital education. Our goal is to enable millions of children in vulnerable environments to choose the future they deserve. Our challenge for 2025 is to improve the education of 30 million children.


ProFuturo’s Education Proposal


An education proposal designed to develop 21st century skills.

A learning platform with tailored educational resources

Our education proposal comprises a digital platform with educational resources designed or curated by ProFuturo that allows incorporating third-party content that can better adapt to the local learning context. In addition, ProFuturo aims to solve the problem of lack of internet access by mainly working off-line, allowing universal access to the resources.

Accumulated data

19,7 million BENEFICIARIES

914.000 TEACHERS



My name is Adriana

“It is a lovely experience to see the seed of change that one sows in the children.”

Adriana Eloísa Rodríguez Educational coach in Acajutla (El Salvador)

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My name is George

“When you work with refugees and see hope in their eyes, it in turn gives me hope to be able to give them a push to do more for themselves.”

George El Feghali Educational coach in Beirut (Lebanon)

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My name is Nicole

“My dream is to be an air hostess and to be able to fly very high one day”

Nicole Buerano Primary School student in Manila (Philippines)

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My name is Ana

“Every day is a challenge. No adventure without excitement!”

Ana Andréa Souza Lima Educational coach in Manaos (Brazil)

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