SBI Magnum Midcap Fund-Reg(G)

NAV Day Change

0.81 | 0.85%

NAV (As on 05-01-2021)


52-week NAV high

95.21  (As on 04-01-2021)

52-week NAV low

49.45  (As on 24-03-2020)


2.03%  (As on 30-11-2020)


1 mnth 3 mnth 6 mnth 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 4 yr 5 yr 10 yr
Fund Returns 8.44 28.07 44.00 32.82 16.73 2.92 9.69 9.32 -

SBI Funds Management Private Limited is one of the largest fund houses in India and has over 30 years of experience in fund management. The company looks to bring forward their expertise by consistently delivering value to its investors. The company is a joint venture between State Bank of India and AMUNDI, a France-based company and is one of the leading fund management firms in the world.

The SBI Magnum Midcap Fund is an open-ended scheme that invests in mid-cap funds and helps the investor in generating long-term growth. The fund invests mainly in equity stocks of midcap companies. Investors who invest under this fund will not yield them any short-term growth until and unless they decide to redeem it. The investors will enjoy capital appreciation and long-term capital gains.

Investment Objective of SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth

The investment objective of this fund is to provide its investor the opportunities to generate long-term growth along with the liquidity of an open-ended scheme. The fund invests mainly in the equity stocks of midcap companies.

Key Features of SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth

Some of the key features of SBI Magnum Midcap Fund-Regular Plan are:

Type of fund Open-ended equity scheme
Plans available Investors are offered a direct plan and regular plan options.
Options under each plan
  • Growth Option
  • Dividend Option
Risk Moderately High
Systematic Investment Plan Available
Systematic Transfer Plan Available
Systematic Withdrawal Plan Available

Investment Amount for SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth

The minimum investment amount Rs.5000
The minimum additional purchase amount Rs.1000
Minimum instalment for Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Minimum of 4 instalments amounting to Rs.3,000 each for Semi-Annual and Annual Systematic Investment Plan
Minimum instalment for Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) post the lock-in period A minimum amount of Rs.500 can be withdrawn on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or on a yearly basis as indicated in the application form or the instruction issued to the registrar at any point in time.
Entry Load NA
Exit Load
  • 1% for the exit within 12 months of the date of the allotment
  • Nil for the exit after 12 months of the date of the allotment

Asset Allocation for SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth

Instrument Indicative Asset Allocation Risk Profile
Minimum Maximum
Equity and Equity-Linked Instruments 65% 100% High
Other equities and equities related instruments 0% 35% High
Units issued by REIT/InVIT 0% 10% Medium to High
Debt instruments 0% 35% Medium
Money market instruments 0% 35% Low

Who can invest in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth

The following entities can invest in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Regular Plan - Growth:

  • Residents of India either as a single holder or on a joint basis
  • Minor through a guardian or a parent
  • Companies, corporate bodies, an association of persons or bodies of individuals, public sector undertakings, and societies registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860
  • Religious and Charitable Trusts, endowments of private trusts, and private trusts authorised to invest in mutual fund schemes
  • Partnership firms constituted under the Partnership Act, 1932
  • A Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) through its Karta
  • Banks (Including Rural and Cooperative Banks) and Financial Institutions
  • Army, Navy, Air Force, and other para-military funds and eligible bodies
  • Industrial and scientific research organisations
  • Gratuity, pension, provident, and similar funds as and when permitted to invest
  • International multilateral agencies approved by the Central Government of India/Reserve Bank of India and the trustee, AMC, sponsor or their associates (if permitted under the prevailing laws)
  • A mutual fund through its schemes, including fund of funds schemes
  • Non-resident Indian (NRI)/Persons of Indian origin (PIO) on a full repatriation or non-repatriation basis
  • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) registered with SEBI on a full repatriation basis
  • Qualified foreign investor (QFI) and
  • Foreign portfolio investor

*Note: The above-mentioned list is indicative. Prospective investors are advised to consult with their financial advisors to check if this scheme is suitable to them.

NAV Disclosure and Benchmark for SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth

The net asset value or NAV of a scheme can be computed by dividing the total number of assets of a scheme by the total number of outstanding units. The NAV will be computed and disclosed at the end of the business day on a daily basis. The NAV of a scheme will be published in a couple of daily newspapers and will also be updated on the official website of the Association of Mutual Funds of India ( by 9:00 p.m. everyday.

The portfolio of the respective funds under the scheme will be disclosed by the SBI Mutual Fund on the last day of the month on its official website or before the tenth day of the upcoming month in the prescribed format. The SBI Mutual Fund also offers the option of mailing the portfolio to the unitholders as well. The Benchmark Index of this scheme is Nifty Free Float Midcap 150.

SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth fund manager

The fund manager of this scheme is Ms. Sohini Andani with more than 23 years of experience in the area of financial services. She has been managing this fund since July 2010.

Investment restrictions of SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth

Some of the investment restrictions that are specific to SBI Magnum Midcap fund are as follows:

  • Not more than 10% of NAV shall be invested by the scheme in debt instruments including money market instruments and non-money market instruments issued by a single issuer.
  • Not more than 10% of NAV shall be invested by the scheme in unrated debt instruments issued by a single issuer and such that the total investment in such instruments shall not exceed more than 25% of the NAV of the scheme.
  • Debentures regardless of any maturity period shall attract the investment restrictions, as applicable for debt instruments.
  • The fund under all its schemes will not own more than 10% of any company’s total paid up capital carrying voting rights provided that the investment in the asset management company of the mutual fund shall be governed as per the rules and guidelines laid down by SEBI.
  • The scheme may invest in another scheme under the same asset management company or any other mutual fund without charging any fee for it, provided that all the investments made by all the schemes under the same mutual fund or schemes under another mutual fund do not exceed more than 5% of the net asset value of the mutual fund.

*Note: A full list of the investment restrictions for SBI Magnum Midcap Fund can be found in the Scheme Information Document.

Dividend Policy of SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth

The asset management company reserves the rights to declare the dividends under the dividend option of the scheme depending on the surplus net distributable available under the scheme.

The manner and procedure of payment of dividend shall be in line with the circulars and guidelines by SEBI.

Other Facilities under SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth

Some of the facilities available under SBI Magnum Midcap Fund are as follows:

  • Systematic Investment Plan (SIP): Under this fund, an investor can invest a fixed amount of money as per the frequency suitable for him/her. This facility helps the investor average out their cost of investment over a period of 6 months or 1 year and hence overcome the short-term fluctuations that are experienced by the market.
  • Top-up SIP: The Top-up SIP facility allows the investor to increase the SIP amount at a certain interval of time. This allows the investor to enhance his/her flexibility of investing a higher amount during the tenure of the SIP.
  • Fixed-end Period SIP: Under this facility, the investor can opt for a SIP for a period of 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years.
  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan: The investor, under this option, may withdraw a sum of Rs.500 on a yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, or on a weekly basis as indicated in the application form and issuing instructions to the registrar in advance.

*Note: A full list of special facilities that are offered to unitholders can be found in the Scheme Information Document.

Why should you invest in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund - Growth?

SBI Magnum Midcap Fund is an open-ended equity scheme which aims to help the investor generate long-term capital by investing in equity and equity-based instruments. Furthermore, this scheme also provides the investor with various tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act,1961. This scheme is perfect for those who want to generate both capital and also enjoy tax benefits.


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